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LibreOffice is the successor to Novell Edition. Novell fully supports the creation of The Document Foundation and is one of the leading contributors to this open source project. We also provide world-class support to customers needing powerful office productivity solutions

Get six leading applications for office productivity

Whether you need word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, mathematical or drawing capabilities, LibreOffice has them all. And more importantly, because they look, feel and work like their corresponding Microsoft Office counterparts—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access—the cost of switching is very low.


Lower costs by 50-60% over a three-year period

That's how much you can save when using LibreOffice instead of other productivity suites. With upfront costs that are three to four times less than those of Microsoft Office 2010, full world-class support, and no need to purchase software assurance, LibreOffice cuts your desktop TCO and gives you back your IT budget.

Work seamlessly with Microsoft Office users

LibreOffice makes it possible to work with Microsoft Office users without missing a beat. With strong interoperability with Microsoft Office, as well as rich file import capabilities for Microsoft Works files, WordPerfect files, and many others, we make sure you can work brilliantly in a mixed IT environment.


Experience office productivity innovation

We're one of the top contributors to The Document Foundation. With one of the largest teams of full-time LibreOffice developers, our leadership in the upstream project has enabled us to deliver leading edge innovation to our customers to maximize office productivity and deliver a beautifully polished user experience.


Rely on enterprise-class support

We'll make your business work seamlessly. That's our promise to you. LibreOffice lets you take advantage of world-class Novell support capabilities. Compare that to the upstream version where support is strictly web-based, or Microsoft Office where support can cost extra. We are committed to supporting your business when you are using LibreOffice.

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