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Enterprise Cloud Computing
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Enterprise cloud computing-from virtualization to private and public clouds

Comes with commercial support for open source technologies Xen and KVM, and is optimized for major third-party hypervisor technologies like VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

SUSE offers the best platform for virtual and cloud computing environments–SUSE Linux Enterprise. Not only does it come with commercial support for open source technologies Xen and KVM, it has been optimized to deliver maximum performance on major third-party hypervisor technologies like VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

SUSE Linux Enterprise today delivers maximum performance on Hyper-V. In 2010, VMware adopted SUSE Linux Enterprise as their internal standard, and all current orders for VMware vSphere ship with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware. As a result, Microsoft recommends SUSE Linux Enterprise to their customers that use Linux, and VMware recommends SUSE Linux Enterprise for their customers that use Linux. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is truly the "perfect guest" operating system.

SUSE also provides enterprises a collection of tools designed to make applications portable and cloud-enabled. SUSE Studio is perfect for creating purpose-built operating system images and creating cloud-ready workloads and appliances. What's more, we offer you the maintenance and update capabilities to reduce time and costs associated with software deployments.

As a core part of the SUSE Cloud Program, enterprises can access SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on-demand through any of our public cloud infrastructures partners.


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (Anytime, Anywhere, Any Way)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the safest choice for your enterprise

  • Safe for running mission-critical applications

  • Safe for physical and virtual workloads

  • Safe for mixed IT environments

  • Safe today, and safe for tomorrow

At SUSE, we recognize that the path to successful cloud deployments includes three major steps:

*Building the application
*Securing the solution
*Managing the environments

Build–Enterprises must be able to create the business services their customers need to do their jobs in a secure, efficient and compliant way. And creating these business services means building workloads with products like SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SUSE Studio, SUSE Linux Enterprise JeOS, and SUSE Appliance Toolkit.

Secure–Data center managers must be able to ensure the right levels of data protection, comply with government and industry regulations, and control access. Whatever your needs, Novell products like Novell Cloud Security Service can help you ensure your organization remains safe–in physical, virtual or cloud environments.

Manage–IT must be able to manage and move workloads within and across physical, virtual and cloud environments.Novell Cloud Manager and SUSE Manager are the simplest way to build and manage your cloud.

World Class Support

We offer the best Linux support in the world according to a recent study. With an expansive network of partners, innovative tools, proven escalation processes, and industry awards and certifications, you can be assured you'll get the expert help you need, when you need it.

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