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Consolidate onto Mainframe Linux
Category: Solutions
Are you feeling the pressure to reduce data center costs while providing more services? You're not alone. Many IT directors respond to this pressure by adding more hardware to support the required workloads.

But this only leads to an increased cost of ownership (due to low server utilization rates, increased power and space requirements and more system administrators) and a more complex data center (due to multiple hardware, software and system management solutions).

SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server for System z lets you run your most important applications on the world’s leading mainframe architecture. The strengths of IBM System z are well known: high reliability, immense scalability, strong security and the ability to consolidate diverse workloads cost-effectively. All of these are fully leveraged by SUSE Linux Enterprise.

As the market-leading Linux operating system on mainframes, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z gives you access to the largest number of open source and proprietary applications, and offers the best technical support in the industry.

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